Welcome to Untangled Resolutions' Webinars!  I am constantly working to create content that addresses conflict in a variety of situations that impact my clients' lives.  Whether you are a musician, parents who live apart, a human resources professional, an attorney or someone seeking to end a romantic relationship, there is a webinar for you! I custom tailor each webinar to address the unique aspects of negotiating a dispute under each circumstance.

Take the advanced series to reach the next level of confidence as a negotiator. There is nothing like practicing with other negotiators to perfect your skills and develop your confidence.

Work with me one-on-one to focus on the specific areas of skill you seek to develop most. I will partner with you to create the strategy for your next negotiation so that you know precisely what you are doing and why. 

The webinar won't be the same without you - so click over to the home page, browse a little, and sign up for the webinar that suits you best.

- Bathabile

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