This May is especially for anyone who works with customers.  I've heard business owners at their wits end, frustrated because they have no idea what to do about unhappy clients. They tell me, "I've done everything to please them but nothing I offer them seems to work."

Worries about negative reviews are especially justified in these days of social media that allow one person to influence hundreds if not thousands of people with one click of a button.

Simply telling the customer "you are right" is not enough.  Issuing a refund is not enough. There is no one-size fits all solution.  Getting to the bottom of why a client is unhappy and how to meet each specific customer's needs cannot happen without proper skill on your part. 

My latest webinar series focuses on dealing with "difficult" customers.  The information you learn and the role-play simulations you will participate in are centered around customer/provider relationships.

In just three sessions you will develop a powerful understanding of how the mind works in conflict, how to hear through the noise of a customer's complaining and what to say to satisfy the customer's needs. Click over to the home page to sign up.

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